The Power of “Yes”

I’ll be the first to admit – I say “No” a lot – to a lot of people.

Saying “Yes” doesn’t come naturally to me. There is no science behind this. I’m a ‘no girl’ deep to my core. I will sometimes say “No” long before I’ve even considered the actual question – just ask my husband.

I know that I’m not alone in this as I am around lots of people who follow the same suit. Minus my Mother. She will say “Yes” to her grandchildren almost 100% of the time – which is odd because she most certainly said “No” to me and my sister when we were kids. Grandchildren = love +++ Not to worry Mom, I get it. Becky and I were great – but our kids are WAY cooler.

So how do I become a “Yes” person? My kids would certainly love it. “Yes, you can have ice cream for every major meal of the day!” “Yes, you can play with your toys instead of going to school!” “Yes, you can carry your sister down the stairs, it’s not that dangerous for a 4 and 2 year old…” “Yes, stay up late watching Peppa Pig – she is not annoying in the slightest” “Yes, husband, to whatever silly question you’re asking me at a bad time, like always.”

See? Can’t you see why saying “Yes” is a bad idea? Put a “No” in place of all of those “Yes” answers and I look like the mom of the year! (Maybe not the wife of the year – baby steps).

Joking aside: We as a parenting race say “No” too much – especially to our kids. The amount of times I’ve declined playing, going outside, running, sand, and parks is depressing. Summer is just around the corner – I encourage you, along with myself, to make it a “Yes” summer fostering lots of great memories for your children.

And maybe once…. just say “Yes” to your spouse. Maybe they will be too shocked to remember what they asked and will end up just leaving you alone anyways 😉

– Mumzilla





Well Hello! No, no, I’m not spam.

I’ll bet you’re sitting here reading this saying, “Who the heck is she?” and “When did I start following her?!” Well, I’m still me and yup, you’re still following me – suckers!
Hello from the past and present! It’s been a long time – and I’d love to say I’ve missed this, but I haven’t. I have been one busy mother….

Let’s see: Since my last diaper post in 2016 my children have aged, I’ve aged, I’m still a working mother, I’m still married (and for my husband who will read that the wrong way – I meant I’m not newly married – breathe), I still have three dogs (shoot), I bought a van (sigh), I’m no richer, slightly poorer YET satisfyingly content.

So, this blog definitely needs to morph a bit as it is still the adventures of a new mother – however I feel as though I’ve earned some stripes since my original title – so maybe I’ll rephrase it, “Adventures of a slightly more seasoned mother.”

Now to come up with a catchy fortune….


~ Mumzilla


3 Signs that I’ve lost my cool card…

1. We bought a van. I could start and end my blog post there. 

I was the anti-van. The “over my dead body” “don’t call my crossover a van” “vans come with soccer balls ‘mom.’ Then it happened. We had another baby and before I knew it I was crawling over the front seat or through the trunk to fit in a space that was more fitted for my 12 year olds hips… Not mine. 

Then my mom scaled our crossover to get in that middle pre-teen sized seat and we quickly realized that our days without a van were done.

2. I did it. Quite inadvertently and rather unconsciously. I called my pants slacks. And what’s worse: I did it infront of my whole family. Not even my mother says ‘slacks.’ 

Somewhere in the high skies my Aunt and Grandma are nodding their heads with approval while laughing as I transition from short shorts mom to the ‘slacks’ lady. 

3. I can’t stay up past 9:00 anymore. My body has this creepy time schedule where it knows that the number “9” is approaching. I find myself slurring, using the wrong words, and wishing I was already showered and ready for bed. And if I cut things too close I find the symptoms ten times greater with associated clumbsyness, mood swings and avoidance of lights.

Now I realize I’ve described myself as a vampire suffering a stroke but it’s all very true. I even pass up opportunities to watch The Vampire Diaries (yes I know I’m 32), Outlander and just the other night I turned down a foot rub – WTH?! Who turns down a massage!?

Anyone else catch my drift?

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go out and scotch guard my new van. Then if time permits I will try to get my new slacks pressed while planning out my early bedtime routine in my head. Go ahead, you can say it : I’m a party animal.