New Baby? Read here now!

As new moms we all get great (sometimes useless) tips on coping post birth. You were likely preached old wives tales about crying babies, healing time, how much clothing you would need, where to buy the best diapers etc. With a world so full of parental ‘experts’ there is likely no end of advice floating around you at any given time.

As awesome as great advice is, sometimes the best learned lessons come from your own discoveries – or in many cases, mistakes. I’ve been tossing this idea around for a while and decided, “why the heck not!?” – I should blog about my golden nuggets of “awesomeness” that I have stumbled upon over the past five months. I will cover diapers, bottles, formulas, clothing, stores, great finds, bad finds and best of all coupons! HEY just because we are Canadian and really cannot stand up to American Couponing, doesn’t mean we can’t try! So swing by often or never or maybe during those early AM feeds – that never seem to stop…

Share your golden secrets and tips. Knowledge is great – especially when it helps save what precious money is left after the bouncing baby boy or girl arrives – then it’s AMAZING.

To set off the mood right – here’s my first golden find.

Two things:

First, if you buy pampers – which often go on sale ($10.00 bucks off!) in target and shoppers drug mart for the box size diapers (70+) – sign up for Pampers rewards program online and input those annoyingly long points codes – because guess what, they eventually add up.

Also, sign your baby up for Shopper’s V.I.B (Very Important Baby) program. As a welcome gift they send you newborn diapers, a bib, samples and you guessed it – coupons! By signing up with them and clicking to receive their emails, you will find out when the big points weekends are. Go in there like a warrior and make the best of those points extravaganzas! If you aren’t sure when they are happening visit Shoppers Drug Mart’s website and sign yourself up. No this is not a plug – just GREAT ADVICE.


– Mumzilla


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