Product Review – for YOU

Today I am going to cover “Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bib.”

tommee tippeeFirst off, let me be the first to say/admit/put it out there, that I have no sweet clue why it references “Nature.” From what I have read of the product online, it is not made from recycled products. However, name aside the product itself is GREAT.

Reasons why:

It has a super absorbent ring that fits around your babies neck to catch all of the run off from bottle feeding. Having never successfully breast fed with my son (sigh), I cannot say whether or not it would be useful for breastfeeding moms – but I do know that it is a product that I should have bought sooner!

Despite having a collar that resembles something out of the Elizabethan Era, it reduced my son’s onesie consumption dramatically. Also, the bib portion was sizable enough to catch whatever made it past the space ring with room to spare as a facecloth for final wipe ups.

Downside: Price. For two bibs it costs approx. $8.00. So if you’re wondering why I would recommend something so expensive – for mom’s to be – PUT THEM ON YOUR REGISTRY. Never hurts to have ‘others’ buy them for you 🙂

Wash them with the velcro attached and try to avoid putting them in the laundry with the nice knitted blanket that your great Aunt Bertha made for you, otherwise you might have to donate the newly ‘designed’ blanket to the dog blanket pile.

They come in off white, pink and blue (the colour is on the rim only). This products practicality over weighs its’ cost and colour restrictions. My son is quite large, so he was only able to wear them till 5 months. However, for average sized babies, they are supposed to fit comfortably (clearly they polled babies for their opinions) until 11 months.

– Mumzilla


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