As promised – Target and P&G Brandsaver deals unite!

Canada recently welcomed Target into our shopping meccas and vacant Zellers stores. We were all pretty excited to see if the Canadian Target’s could stand up to the American versions. Low and behold, they did not – however they are far from being terrible. For mom and moms to be, their baby section is great, organized and surely giving Walmart’s baby section a run for it’s money.

Target carries great brands such as Carters and Circo. Circo, being the cheaper of the two, still has a great selection – and best of all – happens to be one of the brands that target likes to give out coupons on, often! There are two ways to get great baby coupons. First is online. Go to . There 110 wonderful coupons will appear magically before your eyes! HOWEVER, don’t do what I did – print them all. It cost me more in ink than the savings of the coupons that I actually kept.

They have coupons for lotions, clothes, diapers, wipes, medicines etc. Browse, click and print.

Next step in big baby savings in combination with store coupons is to become a P&G Brand saver member. Here is the link. . Sign up, choose the coupons you want and then they mail them out to you. Mine usually take around 1-2 weeks. They change their coupons often – sometimes there is lots of baby stuff, sometimes little. But every dollar saved counts. If you feel that you don’t have the time and would rather pay full price maybe just work out the math in one of your lucid moments. Let’s say Target is offering a coupon for $2 dollars off Huggies diapers (which they currently are). Combine that with a Brand saver coupon for $2.00 also. Lets say over the course of a month you acquire 3 target coupons and 3 manufacturer coupons. That’s $12.00 of savings. Times that by 12 months in a year – $144.00 that you could have spent on YOURself… I mean, your significant other? Right…

Anyways, it pays to save the dollars where you can. Also, a useful thing to know is that Target’s pharmacy has a baby coupon booklet full of great savings too. So if you are like my husband and me (we must have looked nuts), we each went armed with multiples of the same coupons (from the booklet – I got a few) and stocked up on great things such as Up&Up Acetaminophen, baby Tylenol, oral gel and so much more. BRING IT ON flu season.

Hope this helped start your coupon obsession. Try to do it soon as these are coupons with expiry dates!

January 21st 2013 - Baby Blues,Rick Kirkman




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