Frivilous or Friv-MAZING!

During the “Oh-so-holiday” moments tonight at my local Walmart, I came upon a new discovery of great ingeniousness.


Wondering what this is yet?!?! No no silly mom, it’s not a cold water dispenser – it’s a HOT water dispenser.

*I’m pausing so you can all gasp with first shock at its’ frivolity than awe at its’ ingenuity*

Play this out. It’s midnight, babies first feed of the night. You’ve had roughly two hours of sleep so far. You pick up the pre-filled bottle of dry formula (thank you wife) and fill the bottle to the appropriate ml marking with the perfect feeding temperature. Easy right? Well, fast forward three hours later when your bouncing bundle of inconsider… I mean, gift from God, wakes up for bottle number two. At this point you have had approx four hours of broken sleep as it took you a while to fall back to sleep after the first feeding. Your eyes feel heavy and laced with sand, your throat is scratchy and your body is 40% numb. You reach for the second pre-filled bottle with dry formula (thank wou yife) and spill a quarter of it on the counter. Figuring that the baby wont notice, you squint your eyes hard as you attempt to measure the water accurately giving less concern towards the temperature as it is hard enough to just measure at this point. You figure the kid will have to like cold stuff eventually. Right?

Enter bottle number three a short 3 hours later. You have a combined five to six hours of broken sleep. You somehow make it to the bathroom, not remembering the steps it took to get there. You grab the only thing left on the bathroom counter, hoping that it is the last pre-filled bottle with formula (wank to fife) and not your daughter’s bottle of hair spray. You pour whatever kind of water that first leaves the tap into the bottle and stumble towards the noisemaker at the end of the hall. After realizing that your dog wants nothing to do with the bottle you made, you finally make it to the baby room and successfully give your baby the final bottle of the night – knowing full well that junior has no intention of going back to sleep.

ENTER OSTER! This (apparently handy) device pours out “warm/hot” water! Granted, I do not know the temperature of said water, but if money were no issue, and space, just think about how awesome this would be for nighttime bottles!


– Mumzilla


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