How to Christmas shop and retain your sanity

One word: Online.

Sure sure, that may take some of the joy out of bumping into smelly strangers, getting cut off by people who have no manners or even missing the endless lines of angry patrons wanting the last toy out there or else there will be hell to pay! Um, Merry Christmas??

Poor cashiers; They probably go home and hit the eggnog hard.

But all of those great times can be avoided by a piece of plastic and an internet connection. And good news is, quite often, the online prices and deals are better than the in store deals! Not only that, but you can avoid shipping by picking said items up at the local affiliated store when they arrive. Chapters is an example of a store that does that.

And quite often the online selection is greater than the in store selecion.

I suppose in order to do this you would have to break a few traditions or seasonal expectations. Some would say that online shopping ‘poo poos’ the whole shopping experience. But really what is gained by going in person? An ulcer, fly aways, severe thirst and hunger, not to mention a slight decrease in your mental stability?

So don’t be afraid to break some traditions this year. Afterall, it is unsafe to drink and drive. Not to drink and surf.

Happy Shopping and Nogging!

christmas shopping

– Mumzilla


4 thoughts on “How to Christmas shop and retain your sanity

  1. I’m inspired…will have to try this. But won’t I miss the crammed parking lots, people who cut in front of me in the malls, body odour, sore feet and biting back tears?

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