Look out Mary and your silly little lamb

It’s product review time and I am pumped to share this one with you today. Enter, the sheep. More specifically, the “put your crying baby to sleep, keep them asleep so you get more sleep” sheep. I wouldn’t recommend saying that one ten times fast in front of your children. However it is a fact that sheep do shit.


This is Cloud.b’s Sleep Sheep. It comes in three styles: Standard sleep sheep with four different noises to choose from and the length of time you wish to run them for – plus a velcro strap on the back to attach the sheep to your crib, play pen, car etc. The second style looks similar, but has a key ingredient that sold me on this sleep aid: A sensor. When your baby makes a noise indicative of waking up (you choose the sheep’s sensitivity setting) the sheep starts to play a soothing noise: The sounds are whales (think Dori), waves, rain and a heart beat. The third sheep is the sleep sheep on the go. A miniature of the original without a sensor. It is great for car rides. The sounds on the travel sheep include a babbling brook, rain, a whale and waves. All of the sheep have a volume knob located at the back of the sheep, under all of the sound options and length of play options.

So why is this product so amazing?

Well for starters – it won’t be amazing for everyone because every baby is different. My baby hates soothers, so we found it very hard to soothe him when he woke up and wasn’t hungry. This sheep was a must have purchase for us. It lulled him to sleep consistently and kept him there for longer periods.

Is it cheap in price – No. Does it go on sale often – sadly, no. I guess the company is so unique with their products that they know people will buy them no matter what – kind of like lululemon. They never have sales because they know we are retarded and will keep coming back.

The regular sheep without the sensor is around $40.00. The sheep with the sensor is also around $40.00. The sleep sheep on the go is around $34.00.

If you are stumped about your own baby and think it might help – it won’t hurt. Afterall, getting more sleep will never be a bad thing – for everyone. If it doesn’t work – ahem – take it back.

Cloud.b has other sensory toys for babies/kids. The webpage is www.cloudb.com/canada. But you can buy their products from most major baby stores ie. Babies R Us.

So happy napping everyone.

– Mumzilla






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