Boxing ring, I mean day.


Boxing day is a ceremony that I have never taken part of. Or at least not like the devotees that I read about on my social media pages who have countdowns, pre-day exercises and prayers. They are likely the reason I do not participate as they are probably the ones who will ding my car doors, take my cart whilst I hold a baby and bags, cut me off as I reach for diapers and bud in line to ensure that their stopwatch time is under their estimated shop time.

Being Canadian, even those people are likely nowhere near our American counterparts on their black Friday. THAT is just something else all on its’ own.

However, this boxing day I do intend to get out there and snag some great deals, be it for baby or the bigger kids in the household. Maybe my absence from these great deals in the past has cost me more in the long run, financially. I am not a good mall shopper. This is where I have been told that I am very much like a man. My feet hurt, my back hurts, I get cranky, nothing seems to fit, that dress makes me look fat, my hair will never be straight… ahem, slightly off topic.

Thanks to my wonderful ‘’ app on my iPhone, I now know where I will be going for the great deals. For example, Target (Canada) has a flyer out there right now that starts on boxing day at 6AM that advertises the largest box of diapers (Pampers) is on sale for $9.00. Now when I read this, I couldn’t believe it as they have never been that low. But the words are very clearly written on the ad.That being said, I am sure it is a mistake, however Target has to honour their flyers – so we will see!


So I have come up with some effortless survival tips to ensure that should you decide to go out for Boxing Day, you will come home alive.

Tip One: It’s not you, it’s them. Tell yourself this every time someone steps on your toes, bumps into you or cuts you off. If you follow it will a low hum and a countdown from ten, you will be the most relaxed person in the store (or at least look it).

Tip Two: No matter how much you want too, hitting is not acceptable. In a store. With your children watching. Should this desire come up, because your countdown and humming did not work, find the bedding section quick and take it out on a pillow.

Tip Three: Bring muscle. If you believe your husband qualifies for this, then bring him. Bribe him if necessary. Bringing muscle may deter some of the “elbowers” from elbowing you in the rib cage. If you’re husband does not qualify, bring your mother. Sometimes the stare of death works just fine.

Tip Four: Eggnog, once home, spiced with a little Rum, is never a bad thing. If you are feeling ‘Risque’ omit the Eggnog.


– Mumzilla


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