Well Did Ya?!

This will be a good test to see how many of you made it out alive on Boxing Day. I mentioned before that I would be going all “Call of Duty” on Boxing Day as I was hoping to snag some great baby deals (and non baby).

First off, the Target diaper deal was a bust. Target’s diapers were insultingly high in price. You could have gone to Shoppers Drug Mart and bought them cheaper (which is surprising considering how expensive Shoppers can be compared to the other stores).

Things that were on sale for baby that I was able to splurge on were the pre-packaged 6 month old baby foods in the fruit flavours. The ones that look like a juice box but are not juice. They were approx 70 cents off so I grabbed a few to try them out. Needless to say, baby boy is not ready for the tart yet. To say that he disliked them would be an under statement. He HATED them. Too bad for him because we happened to like them very much…

This was my second year of boxing day shopping – I can’t even begin to guess when my first year was. I don’t like crowds so this was a risky mission to start with. Will I do it again? Who knows. Probably not. Because as my Dad always says, you aren’t really saving any money as you are going out and spending it!

Oh and for those of you who have not downloaded the save.ca app yet on their Apple devices, do so now. That is where I found out about Old Navy’s ‘Buy One Get One For A Dollar Sale.’ Amazing…



– Mumzilla




4 thoughts on “Well Did Ya?!

  1. I’m with your dad – I avoid Boxing Day sales. Really – I try my best to avoid shopping as much as possible – and to lump it all together when I need to get stuff done. Glad you found some things though – your son might come around to the fruit flavours in a bit, you never know.

    • Well here’s to hoping! And one big shopping outing is a great plan. That’s why my husband and I go to Costco. Cheap baby clothes, great formula and diapers. Score! Anything to save a buck… Not to mention: free food samples. Sign me up! Happy new year 🙂

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