My Dirty 30

content.phpWell I’m here. I have officially made it through three decades of life and as I sit here today, feeling somewhat sombre, I find myself reflecting. When I was 20, what did I wish for myself at my 30th birthday? Did I know that I would be married for almost four years? That I would have a career job? Two wonderful step-children and a baby? Three dogs? The ability to go on family vacations?

I may not have planned it this way, but I wouldn’t do anything different. My life, albeit chaotic, is so uniquely mine. I am different from you and from the me I thought I would be – and I like it.

So as I enter this new decade, I hope that it brings challenges that I can handle, conflict that makes me stronger, joy that fills my heart with purpose and love that has no boundaries.

– Mumzilla

~My special fellow birthday son~

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