Fortune Diaper of the Day

diaper~ When buying for showers don’t deviate from the list, otherwise you’ll end up like me, with a wardrobe that didn’t have a chance to exist.~

– Mumzilla (…Sigh – that list was made for a reason, stick with it!)


2 thoughts on “Fortune Diaper of the Day

  1. True enough. I think people get caught up in the moment of cuteness when buying for a baby shower – and sadly, most outfits aren’t even worn more than once, if that. Kind of a waste really. I like the idea of being guided by a list – then I’m not wasting my money or yours, since now, you have to buy clothes that fit. I get it:)

    • Yeah. Someone, and don’t get me wrong I am grateful, but someone bought me skinny jeans for the baby. Not Wenders. I can’t even get them up his legs! And they probably weren’t cheap. So while a lot of stuff is worn once – meanwhile in reality, the stuff that’s needed never really gets purchased. At one of my showers I only received two gifts from my registry. A lot of the other things were fantastic too – and heck who gave me all the knowledge to know what I will need – but I knew what I didn’t need… 1000 face clothes… BUY diapers and wipes as gifts!! We always need those.

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