When size should matter


Anyone who has had to buy for a baby, whether it be their baby or not, has likely purchased at least one article of clothing. When my son was born, we had a wardrobe at home ready for him. It consisted of some newborn items plus some three-month old items. After my almost nine pound baby made his entrance, I knew that we would be in trouble. At no point in time did he fit into anything with a newborn tag on it. So my ‘too small bag’ was already started, hours into his life.

Since then he has never fit into any range that was designated to him by age. At three months he was in six-month-old clothing. At four months he was wearing nine-month-old clothing and now at six months, he is wearing 18-month-old clothing.

I often wonder if there is a rhyme or reason for this? Is it that difficult to produce accurate sizing? Or maybe it is just my son – he is pretty large, however I am confident others have this problem too.

Shoes have universal sizing – shouldn’t baby clothes? A carter’s nine-month-old outfit should be the same as Costco’s nine-month-old outfit and any other popular brand’s nine-month-old clothing. I find this a common problem with diapers too. Maybe I do have a jumbo baby…

Look out NBA – my son is coming for YOU.

– Mumzilla


4 thoughts on “When size should matter

  1. He’s not jumbo:) However, he is l-o-n-g! I spoke with the delivery nurse right after Mr. Long Legs was born…I was surprised to learn that the now average baby weighs in at between 7.5 to 9.5lbs!!! And that is NOT going to fit the newborn sizing at all. I saw his newborn clothes from the baby showers and I knew he wouldn’t be wearing them either.

  2. I had the opposite problem with my first – I didn’t buy much newborn stuff because everyone said they grew out so fast and sometimes came out too big anyway. Then she was 6.5 lbs. So we were in newborn size for a few weeks….

    As for varying sizes – after a while you just get good at guessing what will fit and ignoring the label My 18-month old is in 12 month to 3T stuff at the moment.

    • Well that’s good to know. I still find it hard to believe that the sizing charts for kids are so vague.

      Eye balling is all I do now. If it looks like it fits, I forgo the label.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂


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