Fortune Diaper of the Day

dirty diaper~ If one plus two equals anything other than three in your mind, might I suggest leaving online banking to another day, when you won’t pay the same visa bill more than three times.~

– Mumzilla (hopefully this happens to more than just me)


4 thoughts on “Fortune Diaper of the Day

    • Thank you so much. I have no idea what a Liebster is but I will visit your link to find out! I’m glad you have been enjoying my blog. I really enjoy writing it. In fact, I thought of you the other day when our repair man stated he could just step over our relatively permanent baby gate. It resulted in a comical unintentional dance routine of “woahs” and “I’m oks” before he stuck his landing.
      And as a side note, I have paid more than just visa bills wrong. It’s a wonder I’m even allowing myself to bank alone anymore.

      • I like what you do with the little diaper quotes – it’s memorable (and fun).

        As for your repairman – hehehehehehehehe…..! I think you either don’t know – or forget quite quickly – many of the baby years stuff like that when you aren’t in the middle of it 🙂

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