‘Winnie the Pooh’ Baby Tub Review

I purchased this tub for $16.99 (Canadian) at Target recently. In fact, I now own two. One I keep at my moms and the other in my bathroom. My son recently graduated from the small baby tubs that keep babies lying on their backs. That truly is the easiest way to clean them – however not the most fun, for them. My son is not able to sit up quite yet, however I can confidently say that he LOVES this new way of bathing. Our nighttime routine is a lot more fun now that he can sit up and play.

The tub has four parts to blow up. Once inflated it can be hung on your bathroom tiles via the suction cup provided or by the hook hole also attached to the baby tub. The type of tile you have probably has a lot to do with the success and fail rate of the suction cup. My home tub hangs nicely, however at my moms it would not adhere as she has an edged tile.

Disadvantages: If your baby is not able to sit well, you will get wet holding him/her. Also, the bottom is slightly slippery so you have to keep a good hold on Jr. Like all baby bathes, it’s equally if not more important to keep a good eye on your baby now. Drowning was next to impossible with the horizontal baby tubs – however this tub is pretty much a mini pool so eyes to the baby not your cell phone.

Seeing how much my son likes this tub makes me want to share it with you guys. If you are still undecided or sitting on the fence about making the conversion – check this tub out. If you hate it there is always that wonderful thing called a “return.”

ALSO I will be posting one of my unused Pampers codes soon. It’s a 42 pointer (I believe). Check back to see if it’s up and as usual please comment that you have used it so that others can skip that step.

– Mumzilla



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