But really… Help

Teething. The 8 letter word that reigns down fire balls of terror in my household. There is likely a very good reason we do not remember anything from our early years. After this experience – I wouldn’t want too.

I would like to sit here and throw around playful banter about how it’s no big deal and that teething has barely bothered anyone. BUT THAT WOULD BE A BLATANT, FLAMING LIE.

Mothers – I beg of you – lend me your tales. I’ll try anything – except mustard. I don’t know why mustard is such a commonly referred condiment.


Yours truly,

Mum – yawn/screech/throb/headache – zilla.

teething comic


5 thoughts on “But really… Help

  1. I have a friend who swears by frozen freezies, unopened and wrapped in a little washcloth! Let your child chew on the ice cold with the cloth there to prevent freezerburn and then throw it back in the freezer once it has melted.

    I have another friend who would give her toddler frozen peas (they are bite size and non chocking size).

    I’ve also heard that clove oil helps, maybe check that one out. And celery (with the strings removed) is a natural numbing agent.

    Best of luck with your little one!

  2. Walmart sells this teether with netting that you can put something in it…
    I use ice cubes and frozen baby food (since I make my own)
    Only thing I could find that would help my little guy…
    Hope it helps. I just was writing about him teething on my blog

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