Shopping in my jammies

As I sit and type this, I am proud to say that this year I did all my Christmas debt’ing from home. No line ups, malls, angry people wanting what I want, no “forgot to wear deodorant” people standing too close and most importantly, no screaming children, other than my own, around me. Bliss.

The best part is: It’s easy. Did you know Walmart delivers for free – all year round? Did you know that Amazon automatically qualifies you for free delivery if you spend over $30.00 on their merchandise? Ikea ships for less than the cost of gas to get to one should you not live close enough. Vistaprint and Shutterfly offer free shipping promos almost monthly. All of the above equates to effortless and stress free shopping. Maybe it’s time you tried. Because as you sort out your receipts, bags and nerves, I am able to sip my coffee in my underwear while trying to work out when I might just decide to get dressed for the day…

Regardless of your approach, I wish you luck and a large glass of Egg Nog to help undo that nervous twitch you acquired while waiting for a sub-par parking spot that took you over an hour to find. Cheers!

– Mumzilla


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