Well Hello! No, no, I’m not spam.

I’ll bet you’re sitting here reading this saying, “Who the heck is she?” and “When did I start following her?!” Well, I’m still me and yup, you’re still following me – suckers!
Hello from the past and present! It’s been a long time – and I’d love to say I’ve missed this, but I haven’t. I have been one busy mother….

Let’s see: Since my last diaper post in 2016 my children have aged, I’ve aged, I’m still a working mother, I’m still married (and for my husband who will read that the wrong way – I meant I’m not newly married – breathe), I still have three dogs (shoot), I bought a van (sigh), I’m no richer, slightly poorer YET satisfyingly content.

So, this blog definitely needs to morph a bit as it is still the adventures of a new mother – however I feel as though I’ve earned some stripes since my original title – so maybe I’ll rephrase it, “Adventures of a slightly more seasoned mother.”

Now to come up with a catchy fortune….


~ Mumzilla



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