The Power of “Yes”

I’ll be the first to admit – I say “No” a lot – to a lot of people.

Saying “Yes” doesn’t come naturally to me. There is no science behind this. I’m a ‘no girl’ deep to my core. I will sometimes say “No” long before I’ve even considered the actual question – just ask my husband.

I know that I’m not alone in this as I am around lots of people who follow the same suit. Minus my Mother. She will say “Yes” to her grandchildren almost 100% of the time – which is odd because she most certainly said “No” to me and my sister when we were kids. Grandchildren = love +++ Not to worry Mom, I get it. Becky and I were great – but our kids are WAY cooler.

So how do I become a “Yes” person? My kids would certainly love it. “Yes, you can have ice cream for every major meal of the day!” “Yes, you can play with your toys instead of going to school!” “Yes, you can carry your sister down the stairs, it’s not that dangerous for a 4 and 2 year old…” “Yes, stay up late watching Peppa Pig – she is not annoying in the slightest” “Yes, husband, to whatever silly question you’re asking me at a bad time, like always.”

See? Can’t you see why saying “Yes” is a bad idea? Put a “No” in place of all of those “Yes” answers and I look like the mom of the year! (Maybe not the wife of the year – baby steps).

Joking aside: We as a parenting race say “No” too much – especially to our kids. The amount of times I’ve declined playing, going outside, running, sand, and parks is depressing. Summer is just around the corner – I encourage you, along with myself, to make it a “Yes” summer fostering lots of great memories for your children.

And maybe once…. just say “Yes” to your spouse. Maybe they will be too shocked to remember what they asked and will end up just leaving you alone anyways 😉

– Mumzilla





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